What is KIPS LMS?
Continuing the legacy of being a pioneer, KIPS has introduced a comprehensive online Learning Management System (KIPS LMS) for the registered students of KIPS Entry Tests Preparations. KIPS LMS facilitates students by providing them with online learning in the form of video lectures, readings, tests, and teacher support.
Which browser is recommended for using KIPS LMS?
The updated version of Google Chrome is recommended for KIPS LMS. However, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla FireFox and Safari also support KIPS LMS.
Which mobile OS version is recommended for using KIPS LMS App?
Android devices need to have 6.0 or above and IOS devices need to have 11.0 or above for a hassle-free experience.
Are there any specific requirements of Internet Connection for KIPS LMS?
High speed uninterupted internet connection is required for attempting tests, watching videos and readings, and using all other LMS features without any hindrance. (3G connection or above is recommended for mobile users).
How do I get registered for KIPS LMS Account?
To get an LMS account, you need to get yourself registered at a KIPS Campus. Please note that all sessions are not available on KIPS LMS. For details, please contact the relevant Campus Manager.
How do I get Username and Password for KIPS LMS Account?
If your session is available on KIPS LMS, your username and password will be sent within 48 hours to the contact number you provided when getting registered.
What do I do if I forget my LMS account password?
In case you forget your password, click the "Forgot Password" link on the login page. After entering your username, your new password will be sent to your registered contact number.
How do I recover my LMS account in case I forget my username?
Send an Email to with your registration slip attached. Make sure all the details in the registration slip are clearly visible. Your credentials (username and password) will be sent to your registered contact number.
How long does my LMS Account remain valid?
KIPS LMS sessions are synchronized with KIPS Campus sessions. Your LMS account will expire when your campus session is completed.
LMS Sessions/Programs
Which sessions are available on LMS?
Contact your Campus manager for information regarding the availability of a session. Not all sessions conducted in campuses are available on LMS.
What do I do if I get registered to the wrong program? How do I change the registered program?
You need to provide all the details to the campus manager, after whose approval, your program will be changed accordingly.
How To's
How do I attempt tests, watch videos, and view readings?
When you click on a subject's tab on "My Programs" page, you will find week-wise readings, videos and tests. Alternatively, you can search for your desired videos and readings from the Koogle page.
How can I access the locked contents?
Your session is synchronized with the Campus. You can view the weekly SOS and its daily contents (both unlocked and locked) but can access only the unlocked contents. The contents are unlocked day by day as per the SOS of your session.
How do I report a mistake I find in a question, its answer, or in readings and videos etc.?
You may share the details of the mistake through teacher support, or through email to the support team. You can also contact your Campus Manager or Class Teacher for this purpose.
What is teacher support?
This feature of KIPS LMS enables you to chat with subject experts to find instant answers to your queries.
How do I access teacher support?
You can access chat from the Subject SOS page or through the Teacher Support link in the left menu.
At what times is teacher support available?
Teacher Support is available on working days between 10:00 am - 8:00 pm.
How do I contact LMS support?
Send an email to Your queries related to the LMS will be catered within 48 hours.
How can I view my progress in my programs?
You will find a 'Stats' link in the left menu. From there, you can view a graphical representation of the extent to which you have completed the course of each subject in each of your programs, along with your result in each test.
How can I know where I stand in my current session in comparison to other LMS users?
You will find a 'Leaderboard' link in the left menu. From there, you can view the top 20 positions of your program among all LMS users of the current academic year.