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KIPS LMS is an online learning management system for a wide range of academic programs.

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  • 10th
  • 1st Year
  • 2nd Year
  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • General Prep
  • Foreign Tests
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We offer a number of features for a comprehensive online learning experience.


Watch video lectures delivered by our extremely competent and experienced faculty anywhere, anytime.


For a comprehensive learning experience, you have access to greatly useful texts to go with the lectures.

Adaptive Testing

The questions that appear in your tests are categorized as easy, medium, and hard according to their difficulty levels.


Find videos and readings related to your search.

Teacher Support

Chat with subject experts to find instant answers to your queries.


View the extent to which you have completed the course of each subject in each of your programs, along with your result in each test.


View the top positions in your program among all LMS users of the current academic year.


Jot down notes while watching videos or accessing readings and review them whenever you need.


Bookmark the videos and readings you deem important to run through them afterwards.

Added Features
Receive assignments and submit them to be checked by your teachers.
Live Lectures
Get your doubts removed and your concepts cleared by meeting your tutors virtually in live interactive sessions.
Get the latest information related to your course and remain updated with upcoming events and changes in the scheme of studies or the system.
Miscellaneous Videos
Watch useful videos other than those directly related to your course, such as counselling videos and important messages from the management.
Frequently Asked
Helpful tips to benefit from KIPS LMS
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Which browser is recommended for using KIPS LMS?

The updated version of Google Chrome is recommended for KIPS LMS. However, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla FireFox and Safari also support KIPS LMS.

How do I attempt tests, watch videos, and view readings?

You can find week-wise readings, videos and tests from course activities or you can find readings and videos via search bar.

How do I access teacher support?

You can access chat from the Subject SOS page or through the Teacher Support link in the left menu.

How do I contact LMS support?

Send an email to support@kipslms.com. Your queries related to the LMS will be catered within 48 hours.

How can I view my progress in my programs?

You can view a graphical representation of your progress by clicking on the Stats link in the left menu.

When I first heard about this online learning system, I had doubts about its efficacy, but when I used it, I was awed by its comprehensiveness, user-friendliness and adaptivity.

Hafiz M Ibrahim
1st Position, PIEAS
Farzeen Hamid
1st Position, NUMS

I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have without the Online Teacher Support I received at KIPS LMS. The teachers were easily approachable and very helpful.

Liaqat Ali
1st Position, ETEA Engg
Noman Ahmed
1st Position, Pre-Engg

While preparing for MUST, I felt that I needed a lot more time than that I had spent at my academy to be well-prepared. KIPS LMS was just the tool I needed to succeed in the test.

Kashaf Aziz
1st Position, MUST
Usman Ahmad
1st Position, MDCAT
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